Where are you located?

Although British Connection is headquartered in London, our main office is situated at,

Unit 104 Lunga Square, Lunga Lunga Road, Industrial Area, Nairobi, Kenya


How can I contact britconn.com customer service?

If we are offline and you cannot send us a message right away, you can send any query to our email at 
info@britconn.com. We are also available via WhatsApp at +44 7456 267 749



What can I ship from the UK with britconn.com?
You can ship anything sourced from the EU, and the UK, whether they be car parts, cosmetics, clothing, or baby products. Our full list of prohibited items, however, can be found at 


What shipping options do I have?

We ship goods to Kenya by air, and also by sea.

The difference is that goods shipped to Kenya by sea is half the cost per kilogram as compared to shipping by air. However, they may take longer to reach than shipping by air.

Goods shipped by sea are usually items that are bulky, weighty, or large wholesale orders that are not cost-effective for shipping by air.

Also, you can choose to ship by sea to save yourself half off on shipping costs if your goods are not time-sensitive and you are in no rush of receiving them chap chap.


What are the waiting times for shipping by sea?

Orders shipped by sea take up to 6 weeks to reach Kenya from the date of departure of the container. Our containers generally leave the UK ports every 3-4 weeks.


What are the waiting times for shipping by air?

Orders shipped by air take up to 7-14 working days. Consignments are sent out of the UK once a week.


Are business (B2B) options available?

For purchase orders that are large enough to be considered wholesale or business-to-business sales, please contact us at info@britconn.com.


Can I forward my goods to your address in the UK?

Absolutely. If you are already purchasing your items yourself, you can use our UK warehouse address and we will forward all your goods to you in Kenya.


If I don’t have a credit or debit card, can you still help me shop from any UK supplier?

Of course, we won’t leave you hanging.

If you do not own a debit or credit card, or even if you do and want to avoid foreign transaction fees altogether, submit to us your MyShoppingList and we will arrange for you to Lipa Na Mpesa.


Will britconn.com deliver to my door?

Unless you are a business, all personal orders purchased from britconn.com will be delivered to your nearest G4S collection branch.

We have collection points all over Kenya. Please refer to britconn.com/collection-addresses to find a collection point near you.


How do I pay for my orders?

For all britconn.com marketplace purchases, the payment method is simply Lipa Na Mpesa, where all payments are remitted to our Buy Goods and Services Till Number.

However, we are always working towards introducing more alternatives for payment solutions. 


Can I pay for my forwarded goods on delivery?

All britconn.com orders must be settled at the time of invoicing. In order for the shopping and shipping supply to take place, customers must make sure their orders are fully paid for before they can leave the UK.